Friday, 14 May 2010

Boom time for Castle Rock

Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham is to triple its capacity following a £600,000 investment in plant and premises. The brewery, part of the Tynemill pubs group owned by former CAMRA national chairman Chris Holmes, currently produces a maximum of 110 barrels a week. The new plant -- which will eventually lead to the closure of the existing brewery in Queensbridge Road opposite Nottingham railway station -- will operate five days a week with a maximum capacity of 330 barrels a week.
The venture will overcome current shortages of some Castle Rock beers and will see the creation of six new full-time jobs in brewing and marketing. The new plant will also widen the availability of the brewery's regular and seasonal beers.
Chris Holmes says the popularity of Castle Rock's beer portfolio continues to grow: "Harvest Pale, CAMRA's 2007 Champion Beer of Britain, has become so popular in the free trade that its production is putting immense pressure on the brewery. We've now got to the stage where too many valued customers, from national chains, small local groups and even pubs in the Castle Rock estate, are being denied their first choices of ale. To do nothing would have let down landlords and their customers."
The new brewery will be based in part-Victorian, part-1960s workshop and office premises. The brewing equipment will be put in place in early May, with the first trial runs expected in June 2010.
Castle Rock currently supplies eight own brand ales ranging in strength from 3.5% to 5.5%. They include Black Gold, Harvest Pale, Hemlock, Preservation Fine Ale, Elsie Mo and Screech Owl. A different beer is brewed on a monthly basis to support Nottingham Wildlife Fund. The Tynemill pub estate numbers 23 outlets.


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