Thursday, 18 March 2010

Too hot for Kew

Young's of Wandsworth introduced a delicious new bottle-conditioned beer called Kew Gold a few years and the brand has been continued by Wells & Young's in Bedford. The beer's name comes from the fact that some of the hops used in the beer were developed at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London. The gardens received a royalty from the sales of the beer.
But now the gardens have decided "they no longer wish to be associated with an alcoholic beverage" and in May the beer's name will change to London Gold.
I trust they don't grow poppies in Kew Gardens. And they'd better be careful when using fertiliser.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am a member of Kew and raised this issue with them. Here is an edited extract of what I was told:
I can confirm that we are moving partnerships from Wells and Young to Fullers to produce a Kew Beer. The relationship with Wells and Young relationship was always based on limited links with the gardens, with the messaging stating that the flavour was inspired by the Hops grown at Kew.

By forming a new partnership with Fullers we are currently working on creating a product from source, using our scientists to add real value in determining raw ingredients. We are also working with them on the re-use of yeast wastage within different commercial sectors. Fullers will also be sponsoring our music series Summer Swing this year. In all this will result in a trebling of financial return to Kew.

We are re-shaping how we form partnerships to ensure that they involve our scientific and innovative work in the world of plants rather that just use of our name and this change of partnership is demonstration of this change.

6 April 2010 at 18:41  

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