Sunday, 21 February 2010

BBC boost for Guinness

I learn from the BBC that David Cameron, leader of the Tory Party, likes a game of darts down the pub with a pint of Guinness. Clearly "Bullingdon Dave" needs to attract support from the drinking classes but I find it curious that the publicly-funded BBC, which doesn't carry advertising, has given a free plug for the Irish stout.
It's not usually so generous. A few weeks ago, the BBC1 Country File programme featured "a brewery in Oxfordshire". The presenter said it was his local brewery and showed the magnificent Victorian buildings, complete with steam engine and traditional brewing vessels, along with horse-drawn drays delivering the beer. But the brewery wasn't named (it was Hook Norton).
Last year, the James May/Oz Clarke series on drinking beer, wine, whisky and anything they could get their hands on included a lengthy piece on a CAMRA beer festival. Except there was no mention of CAMRA. The organisers told me the production company that produed the series for the BBC told them to take down all brewery logos from the tents and even the CAMRA logo because "BBC guidelines say you cannot promote commercial organisations". Yet CAMRA is a consumer organisation, not a commercial company.
But when it comes to Guinness, the BBC has no such inhibitions. It was good to know, as a licence payer, that Cameron likes to play arrers down the rub-a-dub with a glass of Barmaid's Pout.


Blogger Stono said...

Didnt the Oz & James thing with the beer festival come about as one of those classic misinterpretations, abit like Health & safety guidelines, where the "undue prominence" guidelines are interpreted on the spot by who so ever is around from the production company.

So theres no set consistent application of them, its just one persons opinion of what it means on that day.

Because even in that series it changed episode to episode, because Im sure they directly name checked Westerham Brewery, and showed Westerham beers, as well as highlighting the Transpennine real ale trail, and werent shy about mentioning some other well known brands or pubs they visited, but when they visited Dublin, they had to have a Guinness swear jar and pixellated all the Guinness logos out !!!

At least in Michael Portillo's recent Railway Journeys of Great Britain on the BBC, when he visited Burton, he not only covered some of the brewers history, but visited Burton Bridge Brewery, and also recommended trying some of the beer.

22 February 2010 at 19:24  
Blogger Roger Protz said...

You're right -- there is no consistency. I seem to recall Oz and James visiting a pub in Cornwall with Morris Dancers on the green but didn't mention the name of the pub -- absurd.
I saw most of the Portillo programmes but annoyingly missed that one. Must try and get it back -- thanks for the prompt.

23 February 2010 at 11:52  
Blogger Johnny Norfolk said...

The BBC are just so inconsistant. They blank out brand names on one show and the next thing is a news report with the reporter wearing a garment with the makers logo. They are then happy to interview a " sports star" with the sponsers hat on. It just makes the BBC look silly and small minded. Never mind its open bias towards Labour.

24 February 2010 at 07:00  
Blogger Thomas said...

I saw the mentioned programme on 'Quest' and Hook Norton was named. This is a very sad state of affairs for the BBC. As a license payee I want to know the name of the pub which a particular patron visited with a camra in tow. I would like to locate the ales if possible and find out for myself to consume. This is backwords' broadcasting from a clearly scared and paranoid institution. Reminds me of communism a little bit!

2 March 2010 at 12:32  

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