Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wetherspoons to open 250 pubs

The JD Wetherspoon pub chain plans to open 250 new pubs over the next five years at a cost of £250 million. The new outlets will create 10,000 jobs.
"Our pubs are extremely popular and we wish to build on their success by opening more," said Tim Martin, Wetherspoon's chairman and founder. "Recessions can be a good time to expand because property prices fall."
Wetherspoon operates 743 pubs in Britain and will open new ones in Sheffield, Livingston, Leominster, Otley, New Malden, Liverpool, Haverfordwest and Newcastle.
The group is among a handful of beer companies to have improved its financial performance despite bad trading conditions this year. Earnings and underlying profits rose in the year to the end of July. Wetherspoon said it was the only large pub chain that opens all its pubs early in the morning, selling mroe than 715,000 breakfasts and coffee each week. The group holds regular beer festivals and most of its pubs have a good range of cask beers, often in towns where other pubs only offer keg beer and lager.
Greene King is another success story. It has announced that it is considering buying more pubs after a slight rise in first-half profits to £62.4 million, boosted by a growing appetite for pub food.
"People thought the food market would be hit but what we are seeing is that people are trading down to pubs to eat out," chief executive Rooney Anand said.


Blogger Barm said...

Can't say that the expansion of Greene King has been good news round my way up in Scotland. Since they took over Belhaven the beer selection in their pubs has gone downhill dramatically, with the unpleasant Abbot Ale and tedious Greene King IPA, and their second-rate zombie brands from breweries they've bought and closed, appearing more often on bars than Belhaven's own real ales.

2 December 2009 at 14:23  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree - I live in Kingston and have now changed my local following the Greene King-isation of the town centre.

It's a real pity when the Youngs pubs do a decent job that Greene King have to bring in their limited, poor and repetitive selection.

2 December 2009 at 17:14  
Blogger Johnny Norfolk said...

I look upon GK as poacher turned gamekeeper. I feel they have passed a point where they now do more harm than good.
Weatherspoons however have made a real contribution. If you are a stranger in a town and see a Weatherspoons you know what you will get will be ok, not out of this world but ok. I think their expansion is good news. They should try opening some of the closed down village pubs in rural areas I am sure there is room for them in Norfolk.

2 December 2009 at 23:22  

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