Sunday, 11 October 2009

Budvar's celebrated brewmaster is honoured

Josef Tolar, the legendary former brewmaster at Budweiser Budvar in the Czech Republic, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of Czech Brewing by the country's Malt Association. The induction took place on the St Wenceslas day of celebration for Czech beer.
Tolar worked in the Budvar brewery in Ceske Budejovice for 24 years, starting in
1965. He was the second longest-serving brewmaster in the company's history. He contributed to production technology to improve the quality of Budweiser beer, which is matured or lagered for 90 days, the longest-known period for a premium lager beer. His work resulted in Budweiser Budvar gaining a PGI in 2004 from the European Union -- a Protected Gurantee of origin, similar to a French appellation for wine, which guarantees the beer is only made in its place of origin.
The brewery's output increased almost threefold during his tenure of office and it's estimated that he personally oversaw the production of 21.464 million hectolitres of beer during his time in charge.
Josef Tolar, who remains a consultant at the brewery, graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and immediately joined Budweiser Budvar in its laboratory. He worked in all parts of the brewery and became brewmaster in 1985. He was promoted to the position of brewing and technical director in 1992 and was in charge of the reconstruction and development of the brewery's capacity to 1.35 million hectolitres a year. He was awarded a gold tankard by the British Guild of Beer Writers when he was named as one of guild's prestigious Brewers of the Year.


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