Friday, 7 August 2009

Save Tetley's petition launched

Call for Carlsberg to keep
open iconic Yorkshire plant

Yorkshire branches of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, have joined forces at the Great British Beer Festival in London in a quest to save the iconic Tetley's brewery in Leeds with a petition that will be presented to brewery owner Carlsberg.
The decision to close the historic Hunslet brewing site was met by criticisn from CAMRA last November. Carlsberg was attacked for failing to promote Tetley's beer at a time of increasing consumer demand for real ale.
The petition from CAMRA's Yorkshire branches follows a resolution at the campaign's annual conference in April that called for a national campaign to save Tetley's. CAMRA's aim is to ensure that cask brands continue to be brewed in the city of Leeds, preferably at the existing Hunslet site. The petition will be presented to Carlsberg's British head office in Northampton once members of the public have had the chance to voice their concerns by signing the document.
Mick Moss, CAMRA's Yorkshire Regional Director, said: "Taking the fight to the Great British Beer Festival has been a great ploy for raising the awareness of this potential closure outside Yorkshire, with festival-goers of all ages expressing grave concern at a brewery closure that would drastically affect the community of Leeds.
"To brew Tetley's anywhere other than in Yorkshire will simply mean it's not Tetley's. This petition, we believe, will generate a groundswell of support during and after GBBF. We aim to present the petition to Carlsberg in a bid to convey the dissatisfaction of British drinkers at this potential closure.
"If Carlsberg is unable to keep brewing Tetley's in Leeds, we urge the company to offer other breweries the chance to take over the Hunslet site and keep the brands, the recipes and the traditions alive in Yorkshire."
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Blogger Johnny Norfolk said...

Well many years ago Tetley did not keep Walkers of Warrington going when they took them over. So now its a taste of their own medicine.

The only good thing to come out of Yorkshire was the road to Lancashire.

13 August 2009 at 00:27  

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