Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Call to abolish tax on low-strength beer

CAMRA says move will boost
pubs and sensible drinking

The Campaign for Real Ale has called today (5 August) for low-strength draught beers to be "zero rated" for excise duty in a bid to win people back to pubs. CAMRA says that beers of 2.8% ABV or less should not be taxed in a bid to counter cheap beers sold in supermarkets.
If duty were removed, the price of low-strength draught beers would be reduced by around 60 pence a pint, the campaign claims. The consumer group is showcasing Welton's Pride 'n Joy, 2.8%, at this week's Great British Beer Festival at Earl's Court in London.
CAMRA chief executive Mike Benner, said: "Zero duty on low-strength beer is a win-win scenario for brewers, pubs and consumers. Low-strength beer can be packed with flavour -- low strength does not translate into a reduction in flavour. It also makes it easier for people to drink responsibly."
*CAMRA is celebrating reaching the milestone of 100,000 members, the highest number in its history.


Blogger Johnny Norfolk said...

The best way to help pubs is to ease the smoking ban.
Where rooms can be provided the pub should be allowed to. as a non smoker I feel the way smokers are treated is nothing short of what a dictatorship would do.
This Labour government has ruined this country withits oppresive laws.

13 August 2009 at 07:36  

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