Monday, 3 November 2008

SIBA sales buck the trend

Cask beer booms for craft brewers

Craft brewers have reported an 8% increase in beer sales -- mainly cask ale -- for the first six months of 2008. Siba -- the Society of Independent Brewers -- says the increase bucks the trend of falling beer sales, especially among global brewers. Coors, for example, reported a shocking collapse of its profits last week.
Siba has 430 members, ranging from tiny micros to such large regionals as Adnams, Fuller's and Shepherd Neame. The organisation says the increase in sales is due to its Direct Delivery Scheme that enables members to deliver beer direct to pubs rather than through wholesalers or into central warehouses. Siba has a DDS arrangement with one of the country's biggest pub companies, Enterprise Inns.
In total Siba brewers now deliver direct to 3,000 pubs while its members own a total of 4,500 pubs of their own.
The increase in beer sales is proof that discerning beer drinkers are moving in large numbers from over-hyped global lager brands to locally-made beers with taste and flavour.


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